Pelsue is currently applying for a GSA Contract.

Corporate Data:

Primary NAICS:

  •     336212 (Truck Trailer Manufacturing)
  •     336214 (Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing)
  •     335312 (Motor and Generator Manufacturing)
  •     423830 (Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers)

Core Competencies:

The pursuit of never-ending improvement in product quality and service. To solve problems in an increasingly competitive environment, we are continually developing new products and improving processes. We strive to develop simple and durable solutions to the problems found in the work environment. With decades of experience you can trust in our ability to take your work challenges and build solutions to meet them.


Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: No matter how large or how small your problem, Pelsue will do what it takes to resolve your issue. We have US based Customer Support staff, and everyone is familiar with the products we sell.

Tradition: With decades of experience in manufacturing we are well equipped to recommend solutions to your problems. We have worked with a variety of customers on a myriad of problems. While we may not have encountered your exact circumstance before you can trust that we have seen similar problems and know how to address them.

Quality First: Pelsue is proud to maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification, and we continue to improve product quality with each product iteration. Our products are American made and designed, with an emphasis on durability. We develop our products knowing they’ll be subjected to tough conditions in the field, and that customers will only be happy if they stand up to the test.

Innovation: The problems of yesterday are not the problems of today. Pelsue knows that your work environment is constantly changing, and that old solutions may no longer be the best fit. We will work with you to develop custom solutions using new technologies so that you can not only get to work, but work better.