Manhole Protection: Shields, Guards, and Tents

Picture of a Standard Series Tent

Protecting manholes is important not only to the entrants, but also to the supporting staff and bystanders. The ultimate goal—keep unwanted objects out of the manhole. Pelsue manufacturers three main ways to protect manholes: shields, guards, and tents.

Manhole Protection: Shields, Guards, and Tents is the Part V of the Confined Space Buyer’s Guide.

Manhole Shields

Image of stacked manhole shields

Manhole shields are a very easy to use, and effective way to block ground water from entering manholes. Manhole shields are the first product Pelsue manufactured back in 1963 to help protect workers from the danger of water entering into the confined space. They are stackable and come in three different sizes to provide the right height and width.

In addition to the manhole guards, you can get the Pel Protector, a molded fiberglass protection screen that sits on top of the manhole shields to block falling objects and debris. The Pel Protector is constructed with extremely durable Fiberglass, and can hold the average weight of a person, yet only weighs 9.5 lbs.

Manhole Guards

Image of the Manhole Guards

OSHA and ANSI standards require the use of a physical barrier when an entry to a confined space is opened to prevent accidental falling. Pelsue manufacturers two manhole guards, the 4000A and 4000AL. The 4000A has locking arms and is made of steel, while the 4000AL is made of aluminum and has shield clamps to fit around manhole shields.

Manhole Guards create a rigid and highly visible traffic barrier around open manholes.

The Pelsue LifeGuard Fall Protection System includes fall protection anchorage and rescue along with a physical barrier.

Manhole Tents

Picture of a Standard Series Tent

Work tents are a great way to stop the elements from entering manholes. In addition, they provide a great visual indicator of work being done. The Pelsue Multi-Tent can be affixed to a manhole guard to protect rain from entering. If needing something larger our standard series and interlocking series work to cover the entire manhole and guard.


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