Our Team

Pelsue was founded on tradition and innovation—principles that we have cultivated in our highly skilled team for over 50 years. At Pelsue, we strive to provide our family of employees with the same value as we do our clients, because we know that our products are only as dependable and durable as our team. We employ a family of engineers, designers, sales representatives, safety specialists, manufacturing, production, telecom, and cable specialists, as well as account managers.

Each member makes up our devoted and hard working crew of approximately 60 individuals who’s dedication to quality and care makes Pelsue the leading industrial material provider in the United States. We are extremely proud of the people we employ as they are the backbone of why Pelsue continues to produce universally recognized equipment throughout America!

Please call 1-800-525-8460 or contact us for additional information about specific products or to get in touch with a representative. We look forward to providing the tools and services you need to get the job done.