Pelsue Tents: Effective and Dependable, Every Time

When rapid deployment and durability are required, you can rely on Pelsue work tents to do the job. Set up is fast, simple and can be done with just one person. All work tents feature a tension pop-up design with one-piece construction, so you don’t have to worry about losing any rods, and the tent can be deployed as fast as you can ‘pop’ each side out—generally around 1 minute.

The tents are specifically designed to hold up for long-term use in all seasons—even for someone who requires it 7 days a week.

Unlike common work or recreational tents that are built with delicate, hollow rods, Pelsue tent frames are built with fiberglass rods that don’t dent and are near impossible to break. If a situation does occur where one breaks, they can easily be replaced.

The fabric is made up of a waterproof, flame-retardant polyester that dries quickly and resists mildew. The anti-tear fabric is double stitched at every binding, with the resilience to last much longer than other work tents on the market. The materials are typically bright colors, so they can be seen on or near roadways, allowing for a safe workplace in populated areas.

Every tent is designed and built in Colorado, so special orders can be received far more efficiently than ordering from overseas.

A personal story on the reliability of Pelsue Tents and character of the Pelsue company:

“I met a gentleman in Jupiter, Florida named Jim Andrews. While making small talk, we talked about what each other did for a living. He was currently working for a company that does preventative maintenance for draw bridges. When he asked me where I worked, I told him the Pelsue Company. His eyes lit up and he said “I love that company!”

He told me that while he was working for a construction company in Colorado back in the 80’s or 90’s, they were using Pelsue tents. They had managed to damage one of the tents that had been in the company for an unknown number of years, so he decided to take it to the Pelsue Company since he was working within a short driving distance away. He told me that upon being greeted at the front desk, they called the Parts and Service person who met him in the lobby and said they can have his tent fixed in less than an hour, and asked if he would like to wait while his tent was being repaired. He agreed.

The Parts and Service person then said “well in that case, would you like a tour of the facility?” He eagerly agreed and they spent about 20 minutes walking through the different manufacturing departments, and by the time they were finished, they gave him the tent and said there would be no charge since he had already spent his own time and gas bringing the tent in.

He said that kind of quality and service stuck with him ever since that day, and he has always been a Pelsue fan ever since.” – Christian Miller VP of Sales

See just how fast our tents can be deployed: Pelsue Tent Timed Set Up

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