New Website Launch & Highlights

A view of Pelsue's new website

You may have noticed (and we hope you have!) that we’ve completely rebuilt the Pelsue website from the ground up to provide our customers a better user experience.


Completely Responsive on Mobile Devices

The Pelsue website will provide a seamless experience between desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. With mobile devices being used more and more, we wanted to make sure customers on mobile devices could easily access all the features on the website.

Distributor Locator

At the top of the Pelsue website, you’ll see a “Find a Distributor” button. Here you can find a Pelsue distributor by allowing location access OR by inputting in an address, state, region, or zipcode. Either option will find you the nearest Pelsue distributor!

Quote Cart

We’ve implemented a full functioning quote cart so if you’re interested in specific products, you can add them to a Request for Quote. This will help us serve you better for being able to respond more quickly to your requests, and to help get you the information you desire.

Product Pages

The product pages have been completely rebuilt so you can easily see specific models, sort through images, see the overview of products, their specifications, view/download documentation, and see accessories. Additionally, each model and accessory can be added to the RFQ.

Powerful Search

Old are the days of getting poor search results. The new Pelsue website incorporates a powerful search which will auto-populate results as you type.

Video Showcase

Looking for a Pelsue video? The video showcase has Pelsue’s videos which can be sorted by product category! As you scroll, more videos will load until you’ve reached the end of the videos.

Looking to Stay Updated about Pelsue?

We’ve added a monthly newsletter signup at the bottom of every page! We look forward to keep you updated on all things Pelsue.


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