Product Launch: New Davit

Image of the Davit with a Hoist Attached 2

Pelsue is excited to launch our new davit design! The design is sleeker, includes two pulleys on the offset arm, and is easy to setup with a 3-piece pin system.

Each davit assembly includes an aluminum offset arm, aluminum elbow, and aluminum center post with a hoist mounting bracket. The elbows are reversible and provide a cost-effective, versatile means of achieving multiple offset reaches.

  • The DK1824 includes an offset arm to achieve nominal offset reaches of 18” & 24” from the center post.
  • The DK3036 includes an offset arm to achieve nominal offset reaches of 30″ & 36″ from the center post.
  • The DK4248 includes an offset arm to achieve nominal offset reaches of 42″ & 48″ from the center post.
Image of the Davit System

Davit System on Permanent Base (DSP-F1)

The DK1824, DK 3036, and DK4248 are compatible with all of our permanent mount sleeves. The permanent mount systems allow for a 360 degree pivot and it is always on site. The davit arm can then be moved and placed into a sleeve when needed.

The DK1824 is compatible with our portable bases. The portable bases allow you to setup the davit system quickly, where there are no permanent mount sleeves.

Click here to view the Permanent Base Davit Fall Protection Systems

Click here view the Portable Davit Fall Protection Systems

All davits are rated & certified for personnel use and offer a universal bracket for attachment of alternate lifting systems and/or 900 LB. MAF fall arrest devices. The system provides locations for up to two hoist/SRL mounting plates. One hoist mounting plate of the user’s choice is provided with a complete arm.

The Pelsue Davit System is designed and tested as an anchorage for the attachment of Personal Fall Arrest Equipment as per OSHA Regulations (Standards 29 CFR) Part 1926.

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