Davit Vehicle System

VHS-A1 allows you to use your vehicle as the davit base. Vehicle
hitch mount connects with 2” square vehicle receivers. Designed for
maximum 24” offset davit system. Use the VHS-A1 to reach difficult
areas and drive right up to confined spaces.

The RK-HS1 Kit includes vehicle hitch mount VHS-A1, davit system
DK1824, and multi-directional vehicle hitch receptacle HSJ2. Assembly
also includes standard Pelsue hoist mount bracket MB-PF1.

Hoist not included.

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RK-HS1Vehicle System - Vehicle hitch mount and DK1824 Davit and multi-directional receiver
(hoist sold separately)
90 lbs.
VHS-A1Vehicle hitch mount base48 lbs.
HSJ2Vehicle hitch receptacle attachment, multi-directional, plated steel9 lbs.
HSX22' extension bar for vehicle mount, plated steel31 lbs.
HSX44' extension bar for vehicle mount, plated steel33 lbs.
HSX66' extension bar for vehicle mount, plated steel35 lbs.

Davit Hitch Mount in Catalog