Expandable Fall Arrest Post

The Expandable Fall Arrest Post is a great alternative to the Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post. The post, using a pin attachment, can raise from 7’ to 11’ for greater functionality, where the mounting location may require a higher anchor point.

The Expandable Fall Arrest Post is a standalone system which provides a single person tie-off and doesn’t require any additional accessories to expand the height of the post.

The system is man rated to 310 lbs.

Compatible base plates: FB-SW1, FB-SB1, FB-SW3, FB-SB3, FBBT1, FB-RB1, FB-RW1, FB-FM1, and BC-16S

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TFAT-11AFall Arrest Post - Telescopic, single person tie-off, aluminum, 7'-11' H75 lbs.


Post Base Plates
FB-SW1Weld on fall arrest base plate12 lbs.
FB-SB1Bolt on fall arrest base plate16.5 lbs.
FB-SW3Weld on fall arrest base plate with tie-off anchor12 lbs.
FB-SB3Bolt on fall arrest base plate with tie-off anchor16.5 lbs.
FB-BT1Bolt on fall arrest base plate adaptor17.2 lbs.
FB-RB1Round fall arrest base plate for stud weld16 lbs.
FB-RW1Weld on fall arrest base plate with mounting ears 12" round16 lbs.
FB-FM1Fall arrest base plate, bolt on, first person up anchor13 lbs.
BC-16SBeam clamp - adjustable 8 3/4" - 16" for I-Beam40 lbs.

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