Manhole Shields

Pelsue Manhole Shields are temporary Pneumatic seals that keep ground water from flowing into the open manholes. Just inflate tube with 5-10 lbs. of air or nitrogen to form a water-tight seal. No clamps or sealing compounds required. Series 2730 (reversible 27″ & 30″) fits most communications manhole openings. Model 3336 (33″ & 36″) fits many Electric Utility manholes. Custom sizes are available. All aluminum fabrication.

The Pelsue Pel Protector (2760) is a lightweight, molded fiberglass protector for manhole shields. It protects workers from falling objects and debris, without obstructing ventilation or emergency escapes. Works on either 27” (68.5 cm.) or 30” (76 cm.) sides of standard manhole shields. Lightweight and easily removable. Constructed with very strong fiberglass, it can hold the weight of an average man, yet only weighs 9.5 lbs. (4.3 kg.).

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2730-8AAluminum Shield 27” diameter top, 30” diameter bottom, 8” H, with tube
2730-12AAluminum Shield 27” diameter top, 30” diameter bottom, 12” H, with tube
3336-12AAluminum Shield 33” diameter top, 36” diameter bottom, 12” H, with tube
2750Replacement Inner Tube for standard manhole shields
2750LGTube Kit for Standard Manhole Shields, with grommets and insert
2760Molded Fiberglass Protection Screen for shields

Manhole Shields Catalog