Rescue Tripod

The Pelsue Rescue Tripod is designed for industrial rescue applications. The telescoping aluminum legs allows for height adjustments in 5” increments. The legs can be adjusted to any angle to meet demanding rescue applications.

The Rescue Tripod is rated to support a single user, up to 310 lbs., including tools, belts, etc. The user can be supported using the built-in pulley, or one of the 3 anchor points, which have been proof rated to 5000 lbs. in accordance with OSHA standards.

Hoist not included.

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RT07Pelsue Rescue Tripod, maximum height 7', built-in cable pulley44 lbs.
P054Pelsue Rescue Tripod, maximum height 11', built-in cable pulley65 lbs.
P057Heavy-duty carrying case for 7' Tripod RT073 lbs.
P058Heavy-duty carrying case for 11/ Tripod P0544 lbs.

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