Pelsue Floating Work Tent Outdoors, deployed with rolled up side wallsPelsue Floating Work Tent Outdoors, deployed with rolled up side walls

SolarShade™ Floating Tent

The Pelsue SolarShade™ Floating Tent is designed as a portable shelter for situations where traditional tents aren’t practical. This new tent design requires only a smooth clean surface for setup, making it perfect for tight spaces such as those found around Charles cabinets (like those commonly housing telecommunications equipment). If you are looking for shade or protection from inclement weather the Floating Tent has you covered. Thanks to the design of the suction cups it’s also possible to attach the umbrella to surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat, such as the side of work vehicles and trucks. With roll up sides it functions as both an umbrella and a four sided tent depending on your needs. Like all Pelsue Tent products, the tent material is Fire/UV/Water resistant and made in America. The suction cups used here are pump operated for a strong hold, our current record is 6 hours on a smooth clean surface.

The SolarShade™ Series tents are specially designed with a solar blocking material throughout the interior. The material helps blocks solar gain as well as unwanted light. This allows the tent to be deployed in hot weather environments, where the tent acts like a shade tree.

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ModelNominal SizeWeightFolded Dimensions
674242" W x 42" L w/ 5' drop walls14 lbs.8" D x 3.75' H
675959" W x 59" L9 lbs.6" D x 3.75' H

Floating Tent – #6742 – Product Manual