Utility Support Trailer

The Pelsue Utility Support Trailer is an extremely versatile trailer that brings power, storage, compressed air, and ventilation to the location you need. It is a great alternative to the Utility Support Truck, and can easily be towed to the location you need. It comes available with a LPG or diesel genset and is highly customizable.

The trailer can be equipped with beacons, arrow boards, flood lights, air conditioning, and various power outputs.

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GeneratorVarious gensets available. Fuel choices: LPG or diesel
FrameAll-aluminum frame, hand-laid fiberglass gel coat body with lockable gull wing doors (white or yellow)
Electric120/240 VAC, 60Hz, 1ph output and 3ph available
OutletsVarious electric outlets available for lighting, tools, submersible pump, SLC support, etc.
VentilationLarge capacity confined space ventilation blower and 25' duct
AxlesSingle 3500 lb. torsion axle
Compressed AirCompressed air system with tool and dry air capability, full filtration and regulation
StorageStorage for manhole shields, guards, pumps, hoses, planks and supports
OptionsTraffic control arrow board, beacons, flood lights

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