SolarShade® Work Shelter: The Ideal Heat Relief Solution

A graphic for the SolarShade™ Work Shelter

Feeling the heat this summer? Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelters are an engineered solution to beat the heat at outdoor work sites by providing relief from the sun.

The white exterior of the tent is superior at reflecting solar rays, while the inside is black, to provide a cool, lighting controlled atmosphere. Most canopies and work shelters are constructed using dyed fabric, which are translucent and block only a fraction of the sun’s rays. The Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelters are completely UV resistant, due to a clay coat layer and a urethane coating waterproof material.

Three of the walls are constructed with extra-large mesh screens, to allow a cooling breeze to flow through the tent. The roof has a pop-up mesh vent directing hot air to escape while simultaneously letting cool drafts in without taking the tent for a ride. The windows have easy-to-deploy flaps to cover the mesh as needed, and Velcro® tie-ups for when the flaps are not needed. The door makes up an entire wall, with two zippers and Velcro® tie-ups to secure open when needed.

According to the United States Department of Labor  “Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in extreme heat or humid conditions. There are a range of heat illnesses and they can affect anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.”

In California, employers are required to provide shade for employees working outdoors once the heat index hits 80° F. A ‘cooldown’ period of 5 minutes per hour is mandated by law (T8 CCR 3395). Other states have similar laws, or are in motion to create them. Heat related illnesses and fatalities can be mitigated with heat-stress action plans, which include shelter from the sun.

The law dictates that the shade cast by the shelter must be an adequate area to prevent any workers in the shelter from casting a shadow themselves. Having large mesh walls with opaque uppers and roofs make Pelsue shelters the ideal solution for this requirement.

Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelters can provide fast and thorough protection from the sun. The tents can be set up in less than a minute by a single person. They are available in 6’, 8’ & 10’ square sizes. They all come with ground loops, stakes, hub ropes, and skirt flaps to secure them to the ground.

Whether the need for shade is work or play related, Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelters are the premier option for safe and easy relief from summer sun.

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