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Quick Rescue Hoist

When you need to set up a rescue operation, seconds count. That is why Pelsue designed the Quick Rescue Hoist. When combined with the Pelsue Rescue Pole, the Quick Rescue Hoist allows your rescue team to clip the fallen or endangered worker to the line, even from outside a confined space.

Pelsue Davit System | Fall Protection

The Pelsue Davit System can be rapidly deployed and provides an offset overhead point for the mounting of a personnel lifting, lowering, or retrieval device and can also be used as a fall arrest system. With it's variety of base options, the Davit can go where you go. When seconds count, the Pelsue Davit System is here to do the job right.

FiberLite XL: Fiber Splicing Trailer

The FiberLite™ XL is Pelsue’s flagship fiber splicing trailer and is trusted by leading communication companies for their fiber splicing needs. With an all-aluminum frame construction and a hand-laid fiberglass body, the FiberLite™ XL is a durable, long lasting solution for splicing cable.

Custom Trailers

Pelsue is a premier manufacturer of custom trailers, with over 50 years of experience building solutions for leading telecommunication and utility companies, local law enforcement agencies, and government applications.

Fiber to the Home Tent: Overview and Set-Up

The Pelsue Fiber to the Home Tent is one of the most versatile work tents on the market. It can squeeze in between tight work spaces or expand out to six feet. The tent can also be set up by one person in less than thirty seconds and can be used for a variety of applications.

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