Work Tent Colors: What Are My Options?

Pelsue Custom Tents

Custom Colors for your Pelsue Work Tent

We’ve spoken before about the many impressive qualities of our work tents here at Pelsue. They’re durable, adaptable, and easy to transport and set up, even when you’re by yourself. 

Well, there’s one more feature of our work tents that we haven’t yet addressed: our wide range of custom color options. 

At Pelsue, we’re fond of our standard yellow and white color schemeIt’s a good-looking tent that has a high degree of visibility, making it a very safe choice for work in hazardous settings. Plus, we’re partial to yellow around here.  

However, we also know there are all sorts of reasons you may want to change the colors on your tentincluding: 

  • Matching your company’s branding 
  • Utilizing orange to indicate caution 
  • Wanting your tent to be highly visible with lime green 
  • Blending in with your work environment 
  • Personal taste 

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. 

Pelsue Custom Tent - Blue2

Custom color Pelsue blue & reflective silver tent

What are my Color Options?

We have nine different colors to offeryellow, white, black, silver, orange, lime green, forest green, royal blue, and cocoa. You can customize the colors for both the top and bottom panels of your work tent, so your options are extensive! 

It’s important to consider the visibility of your work tent especially if you’re working in dangerous settings. Several of our standard color options are highly visible: white, orange, yellow, and lime greenHaving any of these colors on your work tent helps to make your tent and workers stand out on the roadside or in other high-traffic situations. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of situations where a more subdued color scheme may suit your needs. Say you’re working off-road in a rural environment and you don’t want to draw disruptive attention to your work. In this caseour forest green and cocoa options are subtle choices which will help you to blend into the natural environment. 

We also offer royal blue, matte silver, and black options to round out your choices. We will work with you to get a tent that matches your logo, work trucks, or other equipment.  

Pelsue Custom Tent - Green

Custom color Pelsue green tent

Quality with Every Color

Whether you want your work tent to match your branding, stand out in traffic, or blend in so you can get your work done in peace, we can provide you the custom color combination that best suits your needsAnd you can rest assured that, whatever option you choose, it will have the high level quality Pelsue’s work tents are famous for.  

Interested in a custom colored tent? Check out all of our different work tents and ask us for a quote so we can start helping you today!

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